Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CRAFT: Christmas Countdown

There is no better time to remind kids of the meaning of the holiday your family celebrates than spending time together. A great way to spend time together is by making crafts. I saw this craft listed on Busy Mommy Media written by Rachel Lister.

The Christmas chain has been a holiday tradition in my family since I was little and now that I have young one, I am trying to instill some of the traditions of our own. This chain has been enhanced and is a great way to add more meaning to the traditional project of making the count down chain. This can be a count down for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or even another special day.

Materials Needed:
Construction paper - holiday colors
Tape or glue
Scissors - age appropriate (or adult can cut)

1. First thing to is to take one sheet of construction paper and draw a big bell shape on it and then cut it out.

2. On the bell have your child (or a adult) write the following poem on it, but leave at least 1 1/2 inches of space at the bottom:

Christmas Chain

Christmas day will soon be here
And I can hardly wait
I’ve made this little Christmas chain
To help me celebrate.

Please help me hang my chain up high
I’ll cut one loop each day
And when we reach my pretty bell
It will be Christmas day!

3. Cut strips of construction paper at least 2 inches wide in different colors (at least 2). There needs to be enough to countdown - example if you are starting on December 1st you will need 24 strips.

4. Take one chain and attach the two ends together to form a circle and seal with tape, glue or staples.

5. Take another strip of paper and string it through the first circle and seal the two edges together. It will appear that they are looped or chained together. Continue to do this and make your chain.

6. Lastly, take the bell and cut a slit in the bell at least 1 inch up of the edge. Put the last cut of construction paper through the slit and then also make a ring to attach the paper ring to the bell and the chain.

7. As each day passes, take one ring off as you countdown to the holiday!

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