Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stanwood Camano Community Fair

Going to local fairs is one of the highlights of the summer for my family. There are so many to choose from but each summer it seems like we go to the same ones out of convenience. The Stanwood Fair located in Stanwood, WA (north of Everett) is scheduled August 1st thru the 3rd.

Saturday, August 2nd starts off with a down home parade down the main streets at 11am. Bring your lawn chairs or camping chairs and find a spot. Also the kids will need a bag of some sort to carry the candy stash they will get from parade walkers who toss as they walk. They have lawn mover drivers and clowns plus more!

After the parade, drive over to the fairgrounds where you will find a traditional fair with food vendors and carnival rides. 4-H is big in this area so make sure you stop by to see the kids and their animals. The food is great and crafts too. Take a spin on the Ferris Wheel or grab a potato sack and a run down the large "bumpy" slide. There are kids activities planned each day so make sure you know about the times and check out the website.

3-5 Year Old Activities - Bean bag toss, doughnut eating contest, fishing, obstacle course, etc.
6-8 Year Old Activities - Coin scramble, cherry pie eating contest, tug-o-war, egg/spoon obstacle course.
9-12 Year Old Activities -Bean bag toss, cherry pie eating contest, tug-o-war, egg/spoon obstacle course.

Suggestions: Go early in the day for better parking, wear sunscreen, bring a stroller or wagon for tired little feet and plan on a half a day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Movies Under the Stars - Everett

Remember the nostalgia of lemonade and playing kickball that you felt when you watched the movies Sandlot and My Girl. Well those memories returns for an hour or two during the summer on Silver Lake in Everett. Every summer the Everett Park and Recreation has a summer program where they show movies outside at a park. The movies start at dusk and are complimentary. Grab a camping chair, a blanket and a bag of freshly popped popcorn and c'mon over.

Here is the line-up for this summer's movies (all movies are PG rated):
  • July 18th - Back to the Future
  • July 25th - Bee Movie
  • August 1st - Hairspray
  • August 8th - Shrek the 3rd
  • August 15th - Surf's Up

Location: Thornton A. Sullivan Park, 11405 Silver Lake Road, Everett 98208 (In Camp Peterson Field).

What a great way to start to finish the work week and start your summer weekend. For more information go to

Sunday Morning Market

I had seen sandwich boards and newspaper ads for the Everett Farmers Market several times. It wasn't until a couple Sundays ago that I took my daughter to the outdoor market on the waterfront. Parking was a little difficult but only because there were so many people there. It was a beautiful day you know what that means in the Northwest, get out and enjoy it while you can.

The market is open during the summer months along Marine View Drive in Everett. It is a small location but abundant with local vendors. There are quite a few flower vendors and as you walk by the aroma fills the air and you immediately feel the urge to bring a bundle home. Fruit and vegetable stands were there with the traditional offerings. There were also bakeries that had fresh bread and decadent baked goods. As we strolled down the pier, my child noticed 2 things: popcorn and Scooby-Doo. First of all, how can anyone go to an outdoor market or fair in our area without taking home a bag of warm kettle corn. Secondly, the dogs needed an outing on Sunday as well and one of them very large and looked like Scooby-Doo.

So the next time you see a sign for your local farmer's market, take a moment to stop and enjoy the moment. Our summer season is short this year and one way to slow down and take it in is to stop by one of these. For more information on local farmer's markets in Seattle go to

Consignment Shops - "The How To"

Some of us have kids that trash their clothes and some of us have kids that are "gentle" on them. For those of us that have "gently used clothes", there is an option for all those too small left overs. Consignment is my new philosophy for organization. Now that may not make sense, but one of my recent issues is what to do with all of the clothes that are left over once my youngest reaches a new size.

I called around to 3 different consignment stores to get the low down on the in's and out's. After trial and error on my part, here are the questions to ask when first-time consigning:
1. What day/hours do you accept clothing?
2. How many items are they accepting at a time?
3. What season of clothing is being accepted now and until what date (example: shorts, sleeveless tops are taken in June).
4. Is the store a true consignment store or do they buy clothes? A consignment store is where you have a code and when your clothes sell then you receive a credit/cash. A store that buys clothes will buy the clothes from you on the spot.
5. Do you provide the clothes on hangers or do they only want you to use theirs? This is a time-saver knowing whether to bring them on hangers or hang them once you get there.

Once you have the answers to these questions, then the next step is selecting the clothes you would like to consign. Assuming they are clean, then the next step is to review them for buttons and make sure they are in working order. Lastly, take the time to press them. Pressing = Ironing. I had not used an iron in awhile and this is most daunting part of the process for me.

Now comes the fun part, the game of consigning. It is almost like gambling for me. I drop off my perfectly pressed and adorable clothes and then check back to see if I scored. Sometimes someone will bite and take home your child's favorite shirt and other times I am out of luck. But the fun never ends and even though the credit/cash that you receive is not gold it can still be turned around for "new" clothes for your family or other treasures you might come across.