Monday, November 24, 2008

Tot Spot Cafe - A Dream for Moms

I have a group of friends that try to meet at least once a month it seems and we are constantly looking for new places to go. Since it is almost winter, the rain has set back in and the parks are looking less desirable. I had seen a link to the Tot Spot Cafe on another blog and thought I would check out their website. I thought it was an in genius idea but it wasn't until we got there one blustery Saturday that it really hit me how great of an idea this was.

It is located in Woodinville and although it will be easy for me to find it now, I recommend getting directions from the website. We walked in and there were a few people and I guess we missed the rush. Our kids played with all different types of toys and tons of them to say the least. It seems like a great opportunity to let your kids try toys to see if they like them or play with toys there and and then have fewer at home. (Hmmm, maybe I should try that one.)

They also offer kid food like cut -up grapes (yes, I said cut - up!), cheese squares and goldfish for little fingers. But, the best part is they have adult espressos and food for parents. I had a chicken and pesto grilled panini which was very good. My friend and I talked for 2 hours and then realized that we needed to go. Our kids had a great time and we could have an adult conversation - great day, great place.

Here is the link:

They recently reduced the pricing and also offer monthly rates, stamp program for a freebie after a certain amount of visits and offer parties. What a great idea - have kids go crazy and play with a ton of different toys and then go home - tired.

JUMP PLANET - Jump Until They Drop

We have been to parties at local jump facilities and so far Jump Planet is my favorite. It was a huge hit for my older kiddo, she still calls hand sanitizer "bouncy house" because when we go to Jump Planet they squirt it in her hands before going upstairs to the party room. They have two huge play areas that total over 6,000 square feet of jumping fun. They also have a younger area for the 3 and under siblings that jump not as high as their older siblings. Parties are great and well planned out in specified time slots and you can reserve 1 of the 2 sides of the gym for your party.

But, what I haven't done yet is go to a drop in time slot. On their website, you can view by month the days and times that are available for drop-ins. This is great because even though my children wish that every day is a birthday party, thankfully birthday parties are not that frequent. The rate is $6 for the first child and $4 for a sibling.

Go to their website to find the next rainy day that you may be looking for something to do.

They are located in Canyon Park and contact info is available on their website.

Go have a jumping good time!

Young Chefs Academy - Holiday Cook and Care on Dec 6th

I just found out about a great opportunity to have a free experience at the Young Chef's Academy on Dec 6th. It is the Holiday Cook and Care event hosted by Parenting magazine and gives kids an opportunity to try cooking demos to get interested in it. Bring canned food to donate to the food bank and enjoy product giveaways and have fun with hands-on activities.

The local Young Chef's Academy is located at the Mill Creek Town Center and the time is from 12pm - 2pm on Saturday, December 6th. Pre-registration is required, so sign up and let your child experience the kitchen. Best of all it is their kitchen, not yours for your kids to "experiment" in.

Sign up here: