Monday, December 8, 2008

McGruff Safe Kids Total ID

This is not an activity, per se, but it is something that was offered at my daycare center for my children recently. When I was growing up, I remember having things like a "Helping Hand" in our window or a "McGruff Crime Dog" sign as a signal to neighborhood kids and friends that our house was a safe house. If someone was being chased or lost, then they would see the sign and know that they could come there and we would call the police or their parents.

So a month ago, our daycare (Early Connections Learning Center/Gingerbread House) in Everett has this service come on site for the afternoon. For $15, my children received 2 ID cards with their thumbprints, name, photo, and descriptive info that my husband and I can show if ever needed. We also received a larger card to keep at home with all of their fingerprints and a larger photo. There are other packages that had more options, but this one was the most reasonable and provided us with what we need. The best part about this is that it was available while they were at daycare during the day. I did not have to wait in line at the mall and hope that my children were able to be patient.

This is an extremely helpful service that I wanted to share. More information about this service is at

The owner of this northwest branch is Kathie Street and she can also be contacted at 360-224-2756. Check it out and protect your children for the unknown or ask your daycare to look into bringing a service like this one in. It is so important in case you ever need it even though hopefully you never will.

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