Monday, August 18, 2008

Seattle Tacoma International Airport

Are you flying with kids soon? There is an anxiety that comes with taking your little ones on an airplane. Will they behave and will you make it through the dragging flight? I just took my four year old to Montana to see her auntie and we were very early to the airport. We needed to pass some time and were looking for things to do.

Besides the normal tasks of eating, shopping and potty breaks, here are some other things to keep your little one preoccupied before the flight.

Kid's Play Areas - I have always seen little play areas in the concourses that were small outdoor play equipment for kids to climb on. I believe these vary from concourse to concourse. But what I have discovered is the actual PLAY ROOM! There is a play room in between concourse A and B. The Port of Seattle's website lists the room as 1400 square feet and has the conveniences of a large family restroom and a nursing room with rocking chairs. The play area has padded toys for kids to climb on and jump off of.

The Orca - There is a large, stuffed orca that stands upright outside one of the shops. My child loved it and hugged it several times. Great photo ops.

Art Exhibits - There are over 50 pieces of art that are exhibited at SeaTac. There is a list available on the Port of Seattle's website and many of the pieces are there permanently. Walk around and look for art and then talk about it. Many of them are very colorful and some are of northwest animals and scenery.

Watching the Planes - When it is all said and done, it is so exciting to see a plane take off, land and drive around the airport to park. Walk around and look at different types of planes and brands. They all have different colors and to a child, they are intriguing. To see their face start showing the signs of them trying to figure out just how a plane flies and to see how big they are up close.

Travelling with little ones is not easy, but remember that it is a memorable time that you are sharing with your little one. Plus there are sundries available to help you (ibuprofen) and also the infamous cocktail, available in flight and in terminal.

My most preferred travel item: Purel hand sanitizer.

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And for an additional educational opportunity, Sea-Tac gives free tours to groups of children and adults. There is even a tour that focuses on the art. These tours are adapted to people of all ages. Go to the airport website and search for tours.